Monday, November 19, 2012

Best Life Quotes & Quotations

Completely offline and FREE!! A large hand picked collection of inspirational quotes to live by, on love and life. These are thoughts that make you think, inspire, smile or even cry!

Enjoy our collections of best proverbs, sayings & quotes for the day and be inspired every day. A great way to live a true life of success & happiness with quotes you must know. Source for several thousands of meaningful quotations related to every walks of life like school, education, teachers, youth, mother,etc; from famous authors, people and literature. You can share these sayings with your friends & family who need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to succeed in their life.

Inspire others or be inspired, by most famous and popular inspirational, motivational quote messages of world's famous people. Witty remarks, proverbs and quotes of popular & famous people like Buddha, Vivekananda and Gandhi. Bible Quotes brings you many great verses from the bible. Get inspired by a new quote every day.

**Special Features of this app**

- Many 1000s of best quotes, sayings, thoughts and proverbs.
- Daily Inspiration via thought for the day section.
- Random quotes of the day for everyday (It changes once a day).
- Start reading from last proverb. Prev/Next/Random quote buttons. Fluidic swipe of quotations enabled.
- Save the best quotes to your favorites list. Move collection to SD Card today.
- Includes meaningful movie quotes, funny life quotes, friendship & love quotes.
- Send famous quotes to your friends and contacts via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, etc or by whatever which take text as input.
- These Thoughts, Wise sayings, Slogans, Proverbs and Quotations will be updated often with good new collection.

Best Life Quotes & Quotations

Types of quotes included:

* Quotations on life
* Proverbs on success
* Mother & kids / children
* Emotional : Hurt, Sad, Cry, Loneliness
* Light Jokes for smile & laugh
* Understanding Love & Success
* Holy Bible scriptures
* Buddha, Gandhi & Vivekananda Sayings
* Knowledge & Wisdom quotations
* New & Everlasting slogans
* Classic love poems; love poetry
* Great & Famous people
* Friendship, Friends & Teachers
* Best quran verses
* Jealousy & attitude quotes
* Work & Youth power slogans
* Wise proverbs to make someone happy
* Quotes to impress girls / love
* Sayings of Wise people & Authors
* Funny Jokes garden
* Inspiring thoughts to inspire world
* Motivational & Inspirational
* Unknown & good must knows
* Quality & Everlasting unity
* Famous thoughts for the day
* Beautiful nature & Beauty
* Buddhism & Aesop sayings
* Advices from Bhagavat Gita

Get inspired by best quotes about love, life or friendship from respected figures, celebrities and other famous people.

Some quotations inspire you.

Some quotes make you smile.
Some makes you think best.
Some stays with you everlasting.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. A wise man does not need advice and a fool won't take it."

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