Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you know Tamil?

It was funny while travelling to office in the morning today by shuttle. As always I took the last seat and immediate left to me were seated two girls, seemingly freshers. There was no charge left in my mobile and i somehow forgot to take the ipod today. I was thus left with no means of listening to music and hence for a change decided to stay awake and watch the passersby while travelling. And this conversation in tamil, of the two girls left to me suddenly caught my attention. One of them was like: "Hey see her shoes di...I just love it..can we ask her where she got it". The other went like : "See her hair di..we'll better ask the shampoo". I
acted as if I didn't overhear them but was laughing within. The first girl again went like: " I hope she doesn't understand tamil", to which the second added: " No ways di...she doesn't look a tamilian and is not even looking at us". They started giggling which broke my prior-controlled laughter. I turned to look at the girls and their face had that typical embarrassed expression which made me feel sorry for having made them realize I know the language Tamil. But this led to further chat between us and now I have two new friends/shuttle-mates. Yippee!!!

It always happens that people surrounding me, who are new to me, often chat within groups in their native language, thinking I do not understand what they speak. But alas! poor they. They always regret for such funny talks later when they get to know me in person. I love travelling by bus [I rarely get a chance] and never think twice if someone asks me if we can travel by bus, for this specific reason. It is lovely to see a number of people chat in different languages and to enjoy the feel of understanding all of them, secretly. Hushhhhhhhhh.........

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wavelength = 'x' lambda; x=?

The theory of wavelength measured in lambda have always fascinated me. A lot of human emotions too can be measured in lambda. For a pessimist, the metaphor for wavelength can be that something which will flow away with time. Two people may have great lambda between them for a reason that they share similar likes or similar lifestyles. Interestingly, the opposite too holds true. It is quite complicated to understand the theory of wavelength fully and by the time one understands it, half the lifetime would already have gone with the waves. And to add, I am not the only one who whiles away the time researching on it. Cheers to all of such!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Empowerment of Women in India

When I switched on the TV today, I happened to stop at a channel which telecasted a documentary on women empowerment in India. The presentation was centered around in showcasing that women in India do not enjoy equal status as men. But I felt the whole of what they said, pointless and baseless. It is foolishness to talk still about empowerment of women in India because Indian women enjoy all the rights and privileges which isn't seen still in America or the foreign countries. In India, if we have seen the hair of our great-grannies shoven; we have also seen Indira Gandhi becoming the prime minister of India, Pratibha Patil becoming the president of India and Jayalalitha becoming the chief minister of Tamil Nadu for the third time now, a privilege which the foreign women may not enjoy even after maybe 10-20 years too. Here it is not about women not enjoying their rights and status; its all about the self-chosen 'fate' or I may rather put it as 'U' yourself need to design your destiny and future.

What not? Even our own Ash's statue has now reached Tussauds wax museum.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Final Solution : Silence!

I was in a good frame of mind while leaving office today and hence while travelling back home, decided to post a blog. Also to mention is an excited blogging competition happening hushed, with a friend of mine. Reached home by 5:30 PM. A little later did arrive my sweet (grr...I meant the other way) sister. As she entered home did she declare that none will be allowed to enter my room (shared with her) till she completes her month long MS semester exams..phew!

I lost all my mood for the day as all my belongings; underline all, were in this room of ours and even the cable to connect the net to my lappy was wired in through the window of this room. Little did she pity on me when I checked if at least ‘I’ can enter the room and stay silently in a corner without a disturbance to her. At this I asked my dad to help me move the several meters long cable wire from our room to my parent’s room (where I am not entry restricted). My dad was already a bit suspicious; I would rather say uncomfortable, with this newly acquired online presence of mine. To add, I sounded a bit desperate while checking for help. Soon came the prompt reply that he is busy currently watching this program on TV and that I need to wait till tomorrow for him to help me do the move. Poor me :(

It seemed to me that he was expecting my protest. I maintained silence and sat along with mom and dad to watch the TV program which I generally don’t prefer watching. It was hardly 5 minutes on clock that my dad's eye of empathy opened wide. He was suddenly like, 'Dear, come let me help you switch the cable'. You can’t imagine how glad I was on this pity of him. Voila! I was connected online in next few minutes.

So true: Silence pays, though not always...:D

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I remember still, in my lower primary days it was because of these 'Fill up the blanks with a yes/no' questions, that I scored a mark or two more than my fellow competitor, to top the class. But as years passed by, I feel the need to evaluate myself on my compendium over arriving at a conclusion of 'yes' or 'no'.

Life is all about knowing where to invest 'my time'. You can reach where you want to reach tomorrow, only if you invest enough of your today in the direction of tomorrow. The investment can take the form of principles, values, friends, property, or not to miss mentioning money. But the 'my time' may intersect with 'our time' as we live in a world which teaches us the importance of sensitivity, maturity and social responsibility. With due respect to it has to be taken a choice of 'yes' or 'no'.

Now you there, you and you alone are responsible for all your choices. No blame is allowed ever. Many time we decide on 'yes' because we fear of how the other person may react over our 'no'. Face your fear fearlessly. Do not let others mould you; shape yourself. It is, to have a ready 'yes' for what is important and more importantly, to have the control to say 'no' to the 'I dont have to do' aspects of life. The greatest happiness one can derive is to be able to say, " I had enough time for everything that I believed was important".

Now there is my friend inviting me for an outing this weekend whereas my plan is to take a day long beauty sleep. What shall I answer her now?, wait a sec...lemme re-think on it.