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10000+ SMS Messages Collection

Over 10000 collection of SMS messages in more than 50 categories!!!

The largest book of text messages collections on Android. Have fun messaging your friends with lots of funny, cute and sweet text messages.

This app has over 3,00,000+ downloads already, within a month of its launch and is continuosly getting featured under trending and top new app sections of google playstore. Most preferred app for texting SMS messages on android phones, as it has 10,000+ collections of best text messages. With the increased use of watsapp for free sending of messages, this app is gaining popularity, as it has an option to send messages via watsapp installed on phone.



1) Easily Search the SMS Collection Categories.
2) Search Messages within a category collections.
3) This app has clean, and simple interface theme, which looks great on your Phone or Tab and the interactions (scrolling, tapping) you do - feel natural and relaxing.
4) Swipe left or right to see the previous or next message.
5) Tap the message icon below to share your favorite message via SMS, E-Mail, Bluetooth, Facebook or Twitter.
Note:- Need to have Facebook / Twitter app installed to share using Facebook / Twitter.

List of some of the categories in this app :

★ Adult jokes
★ Anniversary Quotes/SMS
★ Birthday Wishes
★ Break up / Broken heart
★ Cool SMS
★ Cricket
★ Flirt & Kiss SMS
★ Dirty Jokes
★ Friendship and love
★ Good Morning Messages
★ Good Night Messages
★ Greetings & Wishes
★ Halloween / Thanksgiving texts
★ Hindi SMS
★ Sad & Sweet Love SMS
★ Love Poems and Quotes
★ Miss You poems
★ Mother's Day Wishes
★ Naughty texts
★ Punjabi, Pashto & Marathi SMS
★ Quotes SMS collection
★ Romantic / Romance sms
★ Funny & Humorous SMS Jokes
★ Short text messages
★ Santabanta jokes
★ Smileys for Texting
★ Sorry Texts
★ Shayari & ghazals - Hindi
★ Tamil SMS & Kadi Jokes

★ Valentine's day sms Quotes
★ And many more categories of cute and sweet text messages & quotes for him, her, lover, wife, husband and even to send to your family...

Enjoy messaging & texting with nice, short and sweet templates from our free messages app!

What are you waiting for? Install and start sending unlimited texts and messages to your loved ones & family with this never-ending list of SMS messages. FREE!!

5,000+ Awesome & Funny Facts

5,000+ Awesome & Funny Facts - FREE!!

Ultimate collection of the most Awesome, Funny, Weird & Coolest Facts known to mankind.

Contains over 5000+ manually verified true facts to kill your boredom.
Available are the most amazingly interesting, awesome, funny, amusing, dumb and crazy facts. Best app in the android market to substitute useless time pass which has the biggest collection of weird but interesting true facts.

This fact app guarantees to amuse you with below category of amusing facts:

* Awesome Facts :
- People Facts
- Entertainment Facts
- Business Facts
- Health for Life & Human Body Facts

* Funny Facts :
- Records Facts
- Surveys and Statistics Facts
- Household Products Facts

* Weird Facts :
- Arts and Literature Facts
- Animals, Birds & Insects/Creatures Facts
- Plants Forest and Nature Facts

* Cool Facts :
- Science and Technology Facts
- Places Sites Facts
- Miscellaneous Facts
- Sports Facts

* Rare Facts :
- Geography Facts
- Planets Space & Universe Facts
- Crime Facts
- Languages Facts

* Interesting Facts :
- Medical & Nutrition Facts
- Legal Law Facts Facts
- Food and Drink Facts
- History Facts
- Religion Facts

**Cool Features of this free facts app**

- Quick Search through the fact and categories.
- Easy and smooth swipe gesture based navigation.
- Random Fact Button.
- No Ads and no permissions required.
- Soothing cool colors and layout.

***Extremely Awesome, Interesting and Informative***
Have fun while improving your GK using this rare app!!!

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Aarti Collections & Bhajans

Ultimate FREE hymn book with famous devotional bhajans for all Hindu Gods!
Aarti, also called as arti, arathi, aarthi, arati or arthi is a Hindu ritual in which songs are sung in praise of deities, with lighted diyas. Chanting sangrah of bhajans is said to remove all obstacles in our path.


- Information provided on the aarti songs.
- Bhajans in English & Hindi/Devanagari Font.
- Meaning of the prayer is explained.


1)Gayatri Mantra: An ancient holy hymn, Gayatri mantra, is a prayer meditation for a healthy life & longevity. Gayatri Mantra is generally recited 108 times. Gayathri chalisa is cited in classical vedic chants & in several Hindu puranas like Ramayan and Bhagavad Gita.

2)Hanuman Chalisa (Hindi-हनुमान चालीसा): Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn on Lord Hanuman. This devotional prayer journal song is for Shri Hanuman & Ram devotees. Praise the Lord Hanuman by chanting Hanuman chalisa lyrics during diwali & Ram Navami festival. Jai Hanuman!

3)Maha Mrityunjaya Siva Mantra: It is called Rudram Shiva mantra of Lord Shiva. Mrityunjaya Mantra is the Maha mantra(supreme most). Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a holy mantra (sanjivani/Tryambakam/ Moksha Shiva mantra). Best results seen when chanted in Lord Shiva temple with Shiv chalisa.

4)Jai Ganesh Deva: The popular devotional arti bhajan song for Lord Ganesh arti is, Jai Ganesh Deva. Say Jai Ganesh(Ganpati) Deva before starting a new business so that the prayers are crowned with blessings from Ganesha deva (Ganapati). This is a Ganesha devotional worship music for Ganpati pooja, teen & women.

5)Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare: It is a famous Hindi bhajan, sung in most pujas & Diwali. Lord Vishnu in his various Avatars is believed to restore the balance at god vs devil. Om Jai Jagdeesh Hare is universally used by Hindus of all Indian languages & castes.

6)Vishnu Sahasranamam: Vishnu Sahasranama (Sahasranaama/sahasranamam) stotra is one of the most sacred and widely chanted praise and worship songs by Hindus. Vishnu Sahasranama (thousand names) is a list of hymnal with 1,000 praise names (sahasranama) of lord Vishnu. Just as Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu Sahasranamam is also a part of granth garuda purana & Mahabharat.

7)Venkateswara suprabhatam : A collection of hymns/verses called Venkateswara Suprabhatam is recited to awaken tirupathi Balaji(Govinda), in Hinduism. There is no better way to begin a day than by chanting Sri Tirupati Venkateswara Suprabhatam. South Indian suprabhatam by MS Subbulakshmi is popular in Tamil Nadu.

8)Jai ambe gauri: Jai Mata di aarti during Navratri festival is popular among Gujarati ppl. Jai ambe maa gauri is an Arti/Stuti for jai mata di, Ambe maa/Durga ji. Ambe maa chalisa is prayed to convey the highest love for Goddess Ambe Mata. Ambe mata arti during Durga puja sapthashati is one of the biggest Indian festival. Jai mata di!

9)Sri Lakshmi Ashtakam: Laxmi(Lakshmi) is the Hindu goddess of wealth & fortune. Maha Laxmi mantra is believed to protect her devotees from money related sorrows. Sri Laxmi Ashtakam is a prayer stream hymnal for Lakshmi worship & good luck, during diwali.

10)Saraswati Vandana: Goddess Saraswati rules academics. Saraswati Vandana worship song is generally used as the beginning worship music during prayer time at school. Saraswati Vandana prayer chanting a day gives blessings of Saraswathi.

11)Aarti kunj bihari ki: Krishna is one of Vishnu's incarnation. Say Hare Rama Hare Krishna & u request God to give u peace of mind. Krishna Janmashtami aarti & bhajans are performed on festive occasions of Sri Krishna's birth & diwali.

12)Aye malik tere bande hum: Aye malik song in Hindi film Do Ankhen Barah Haath, is an inspiring prayer for guru sahib. This most heartfelt Indian prayer song is remixed in Tamil and Telugu.

13)Om Mantra: AUM or Om chanting is very auspicious. OM/AUM mantra(Navkar)is a Sanskrit meditation sound, a chanting sacred in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Om / Aum is the moola of all mantras.

What are you waiting for? Install and start reading this devotional aartis and bhajan sangrah. Chant these mantras daily for increased bhakti and inner peace. FREE!!

Current Affairs, News & Events

Ultimate offline general knowledge app for all the current affairs, news and events of 2012!!! Boost your gk today!

All the current affairs, events and news of 2012 are covered here monthwise and datewise. Latest news in all areas are covered including international, world news, sports, economy, science & technology.

Do not have time to read the news paper daily? Do not have time to watch the news in television daily? No issues. Our app helps you as it is a mirror for all the news missed out due to lack of time! This app is a good gk guide for current happenings and issues which helps in competitive exams, Gk Tests, Quiz and several other knowledge tests. Current events of 2012 in the nation and world, in business and science news, etc are covered in detail for general knowledge questions and answers in quiz, for interviews, competitive examination and entrance test.

Categories covered include:

* International relations and conferences
* Conflicts and attacks
* Natural calamity & disasters
* World today
* Awards and Honors
* Recent events
* Sports & Games
* Currents in politics
* Current issues in economy
* Law and crime
* Science & Technology
* People in news
* Places in news
* News headlines
* Books and Authors/Bestsellers of today
* Days and dates
* Environment & Weather issues
* Economy & Business
* Education news
* Cinema & Marketing news

Many apps provide week wise and year wise news for current affairs of 2012, however this app provides you with complete date wise news on what is current breaking news headlines in television, newspaper, radio, etc. Both international and national current affairs are covered to provide all the local and global updates.

Look for current happenings of 2012 in categories like economy news, marketing news, business news, education news, cinema week news, reviews, etc.

** New : Copy to clipboard feature available(via long press on text), to share the news headlines via sms, email or any other means of sending text.**

Hope you feel this application informative and as a knowledge aid. CAUTION: EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING APP!

What are you waiting for? Install and be informed of the current affairs, happenings, news and events across the world. FREE!!

Cute & Sweet Pink Love Texts !

Largest Offline Collection of cute and sweet SMS text and Love messages!!!

Cute and sweet SMS messages, poetry texts & love quotes for him, her, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband...a secret lover of sixteen. Never run out of words to write in your greeting cards again for him or her. Your SMS message maker for any/all day.

Pink keyboard, pink wallpaper, pink digital pad, pink skins, pink texting themes...the list of my favorite pink mobile apps goes on. Pink is the color of the day! So why not a Pink Love SMS messages collection apps for android? Time for Pink out, is no more just girly!

This messaging visual color theme of this app is pink and black - pink backgrounds and black fonts. Pink on phone rocks!


- Once downloaded, no need of internet connection to view text messages. Totally offline application.
- Search feature available to search the text categories and even to search within the messages.
- No Ads. App can be moved to SD card.
- Send and share via SMS, text message, Twitter or Facebook twitter, facebook, whatsapp, viber, gmail, sms application, etc. Also add your own comment on msgs. Ultimate Offline and FREE templates for SMS messages Collection!!
- Weekly auto update of sms messages.


Cute & Sweet Pink Love SMS messaging Categories:


- Love SMS Texts
- Friendship SMS Texts
- Flirt SMS Texts
- Love stories SMS Texts
- Miss you SMS Texts
- Naughty & Funny SMS Texts
- Romantic SMS Texts
- Kiss & emotions SMS Texts
- Good morning / good night SMS Texts
- Smile girly SMS Texts
- Sorry SMS Texts

Discard all your diary, journal, notes and cards where u used to write down ur good text messages. Cute & Sweet Pink o Love SMS book has all the sweet and spicy words, poems, emotions and pickup lines for messaging everyone in the nation. Find the right words & perfect phrases to personalize your greeting cards, or SMS/Email these cute and sweet good morning / good night messages to your girly, friends n family. So get addiction for texting with an eye for pink!

Collected are 1000s of sweet talk texts, cute love quotes, sweet sayings, cute jokes, card messages, ecards for love, sayings and quotes, pickup lines, cute poems, etc; and this messenger for android is designed with pink theme text backgrounds. Texts in english, hindi, punjabi and a few in tamil. Stop dreaming & express the untold emotions to your sweet heart with our Cute & Sweet Pink Love Texts!

What are you waiting for? Install and start sending unlimited cute & sweet texts and messages to your loved ones. FREE!!

Tamil Movie Song Lyrics - New Android App!!
Completely Offline and Free Tamil Lyrics guide for tamil movie songs!!!

Main essence of Tamil music is its lyrics. No need to search anymore for old tamil magazines to get lyrics of Tamil movie songs. Get lyrics of all Tamil movies; from oldest to new Tamil Movies Songs Lyrics in your phone now! Lyricize the music you hear in radios and fm and in your car's music player, from today! Sing along!! Tamil lyrics app for tamil lovers, for the first time in google playstore / android market. Totally FREE and Offline!(Internet is required only for the initial download of this small app; afterwhich it can be used on phone, even without an internet or wifi connection.)

***Features of this app ***

  • Has lyrics of 6500+ tamil movie songs; from oldest to new tamil movie songs.
  • Installs to SD; Application can be moved to SD card.
  • Feature to search the lyrics of the song list by song names, movie names.
  • Add to favorites option to bookmark your favorite Tamil Lyrics for quick reference.
  • A sing perfect app for singing, from Tamil (Kollywood).

Install this music book of tamil lyrics today and be ready for unlimited entertainment, the same way as you would enjoy reading a great tamil magazine!


There are lots of android apps in playstore on tamil news papers, tamil movies and tamil songs. But not a single FREE Offline android app for tamil lyrics of old tamil songs. That was when we decided to create this lyrics book. This is one of the best android app layouts in market for a lyrics app.

This tamil app is purely for the tamil movie song lovers of tamil nadu film industry. Work is in progress to integrate even Hindi Lyrics and English Lyrics as soon as possible!!
Enjoy the words of lyricists like Pa Vijay, Kannadasan, Kabilan, Vairamuthu, Vaali, Snehan, Thamarai, Yuga Bharathi, Na Muthukumar, etc. Has songs from olden 'Pollachi elaneere' to 'Chennai sentamil maranthen' to new 'mun andhi charal' nee.

Disclaimer: All Tamil lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. All Tamil lyrics are provided for educational purposes only.

What are you waiting for? Install and sing along with lyrics from this awesome FREE and offline Tamil lyrics Android app for mobile phones.

Best Life Quotes & Quotations

Completely offline and FREE!! A large hand picked collection of inspirational quotes to live by, on love and life. These are thoughts that make you think, inspire, smile or even cry!

Enjoy our collections of best proverbs, sayings & quotes for the day and be inspired every day. A great way to live a true life of success & happiness with quotes you must know. Source for several thousands of meaningful quotations related to every walks of life like school, education, teachers, youth, mother,etc; from famous authors, people and literature. You can share these sayings with your friends & family who need encouragement, motivation and inspiration to succeed in their life.

Inspire others or be inspired, by most famous and popular inspirational, motivational quote messages of world's famous people. Witty remarks, proverbs and quotes of popular & famous people like Buddha, Vivekananda and Gandhi. Bible Quotes brings you many great verses from the bible. Get inspired by a new quote every day.

**Special Features of this app**

- Many 1000s of best quotes, sayings, thoughts and proverbs.
- Daily Inspiration via thought for the day section.
- Random quotes of the day for everyday (It changes once a day).
- Start reading from last proverb. Prev/Next/Random quote buttons. Fluidic swipe of quotations enabled.
- Save the best quotes to your favorites list. Move collection to SD Card today.
- Includes meaningful movie quotes, funny life quotes, friendship & love quotes.
- Send famous quotes to your friends and contacts via SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Watsapp, etc or by whatever which take text as input.
- These Thoughts, Wise sayings, Slogans, Proverbs and Quotations will be updated often with good new collection.

Best Life Quotes & Quotations

Types of quotes included:

* Quotations on life
* Proverbs on success
* Mother & kids / children
* Emotional : Hurt, Sad, Cry, Loneliness
* Light Jokes for smile & laugh
* Understanding Love & Success
* Holy Bible scriptures
* Buddha, Gandhi & Vivekananda Sayings
* Knowledge & Wisdom quotations
* New & Everlasting slogans
* Classic love poems; love poetry
* Great & Famous people
* Friendship, Friends & Teachers
* Best quran verses
* Jealousy & attitude quotes
* Work & Youth power slogans
* Wise proverbs to make someone happy
* Quotes to impress girls / love
* Sayings of Wise people & Authors
* Funny Jokes garden
* Inspiring thoughts to inspire world
* Motivational & Inspirational
* Unknown & good must knows
* Quality & Everlasting unity
* Famous thoughts for the day
* Beautiful nature & Beauty
* Buddhism & Aesop sayings
* Advices from Bhagavat Gita

Get inspired by best quotes about love, life or friendship from respected figures, celebrities and other famous people.

Some quotations inspire you.

Some quotes make you smile.
Some makes you think best.
Some stays with you everlasting.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. A wise man does not need advice and a fool won't take it."

Review Comments:
Best of its kind app in Android play store. Totally FREE and has thought provoking quotes, proverbs, sayings and quotations. Elegant layout and compact size. A large hand picked collection of inspirational quotes on love & life for our daily life.

What are you waiting for? Install and enjoy this collection of handpicked awesome quotes.

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Dance Music Maker & MP3 Cutter

Creator of your own dance music & ringtones from MP3s on your phone!! An MP3 cutter & ringtone convertor app to style old songs a new dj way!!

With this new free music maker app, cut the best part of your audio songs and save it as your Ringtone/Music File/Alarm/Notification Tones. The cut results are stored in "/sdcard/media/audio". Also record a live dj audio with this new MP3 editor and cut, edit or trim the best parts from it. Tone your dj dance music FREE. Gratis! Play, crop, record, share, mix and rule the party!!

Stop searching for best deluxe MP3 ringtones for your phones; tone it up! Create your own ringtones. This is an easy to use ringtone maker app. It quickly turns your music downloads, favorite MP3s & audios to ring tones. Don’t settle down for common ringtones. Use your favorite musics, songs and MP3s to make custom chopped ringtones!!

This Dance Music Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter app has:
- Inbuilt Audio\ Mp3 Player
- Inbuilt Audio\ Mp3 Cutter
- Inbuilt Audio Recorder

Dance Music Maker & MP3 Cutter - Ringtone Maker app for Android Phones.

Dance Music Ringtone Maker & MP3 Cutter is a Music Editor/Alarm Tone maker/Ring tone maker/Notification Tone creator. The choices are limited only to the music and audio in your collection and could include: metal, jazz, dubstep, thrash, rock, classical, pop, rap, hip hop, dance, christian or polyphonic sms ringtones. Supports MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR and most other music formats.

1.Select mp3/music from your mobile or from Recordings.
2.Select area to be chopped from your audio.
3.Save as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification.

Dance Music Maker & MP3 Cutter


Features of Dance Music Maker & MP3 Cutter:


- Voice Recorder button at top left of app to record your own audio for editing.
- Scroll or type to search the stored dj dance music collection, in phone.
- An inverted yellow triangle to select and edit Mp3 from your Mobile/SD.
- You can delete the created Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone.
- Cut a ring tone as short or long as you like, as allowed by your phone.
- A waveform display of the audio file at 4 zoom levels.
- Pad controls are available to set start & end drops of the audio clip, using an optional touch console.
- Manually control the Start & End time by typing the values in seconds, in text pad boxes at bottom of equipment.
- Tap on the wave & the music player starts playing the beats at that position.
- Option to name the new cut/blend clip before setting it as tones for messages/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone.
- Set new clip as default ringtone or set random customized ring back tones to specific contacts as text messaging tones, using this ring tone generator.

Not sure how to get free music? Make ringtones yourself. Best SMS ringtones are the ones you make with your own collection! This app is for tones, tones and ring back tones only. Make ringtones for text messages and contacts.

Many things are needed before you can become a DJ than just buying the right dj equipment and getting started. Reasons for being a DJ too varies. Some people dream of club life while others simply want to entertain people and start their own business that services events. Many others dream of radio stardom and the idea of becoming a radio personality. With this app you can make dj style sms text messaging ringtones, gratis for multiple android devices including: Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, att, verizon, sprint and tmobile phones.

With the record option, you can make your own funny ringbacks tones, i love you voices, baby talk ringtones or cute laughing/crying sounds. If you have movie/tv soundtracks in your collection, you can even make ringtones of old traditional classical music, kiss, sweet tamil hindi telugu movie songs & voice tunes, wind chimes, instrumentals, nature beach sounds or rain waterfall effects.

Church bells, best bible preachings & islamic quran verses too can be set as ringtones for messages. Fart anime, whistles,animation games, animals, snake & insect sound ringtones are even possible with this ring back tones maker. This is best for rapping back to your own beats, too.

Review comments:
This app captures the user with its great background layout and smart choice of colors. I felt great using this app over and over. Extremely addictive app to tone any music our way! This ringtone maker is real fast and easy to use, after all in a very small space on phone!!

What are you waiting for? Install and enjoy your self-created tones in your phone FREE!! You will not want any other ringtone app, once this is installed, thanks to it's awesome cool design and layout!

40,000 Jokes: Awesome & Funny!!
(40,000 Awesome & Funny Jokes) :- Completely Offline & Best of the new Free Apps for Android Phones!! FREE and best awesome & funny jokes app for Android!!

Have a hearty laughter at the collection of 40,000 of top funny and hilarious jokes. The jokes are sorted in more than 135+ categories just for laugh out loud. LOL! This fun app is sure to add a comic touch & humor to all people with a zeal for comedy; to the hilarious & cheesy good ones and even to the adults. This is the best jokes app for android ever! Most hilarious and funny for a great time pass. You will never regret installing it. After all its never-ending joke collection, totally FREE & Offline for usage.

Google Play Store link to this free app

Few of the 135+ joke categories include: 
Animal Jokes
Blonde / Blondes Jokes
Knock Knock jokes
Kids Jokes
Elderly Jokes
Yo Mama Jokes
Ant & elephant Jokes
Dirty Jokes
Funniest Police Jokes
Answer me this jokes
Best Lawyer Jokes
Crude & Rude Jokes
Marriage & Husband Wife Jokes
Dumb Women Jokes
Military Jokes
Cool School Jokes
The Aardvark Jokes
Famous jokes of Yo momma/Yo moma/Yo Mamma/Yo mama, as you would pronounce it.

40,000 Jokes : Awesome & Funny

 Highlights of 40,000 Funny & Awesome Jokes app:
- 40000 of hilarious, funny & cool jokes free to make you laugh your head off.
- Easy Prev/Next navigation of funny & awesome jokes.
- Move this cheesy jokes app to SD card feature. - Random Button (It will randomly show any good one of the funnyjokes).
- Completely offline funny jokes app. Cool! No internet connection required.
- Jokes starts from where you left last time. Awesome!
- SMS cheesy jokes to whoever you want : Share as jokes sms, post to facebook, twitter, watsapp, gmail, etc.

In this free comic collector app, you're guaranteed to find a funny joke out of 40,000+ jokes from worldwide, to put in your Facebook status or send as text messages or SMS. Several funniest jokes and 9 gags spread across categories like yo momma jokes, blonde jokes, knock knock jokes, vampire jokes, crude jokes, clean jokes, yo mamma, real jokes, bed jokes. Time to smile!!

Random rude jokes like insult jokes, cannibal jokes, criminal jokes,etc too are provided on a hilarious note. Laugh out loud with this smile bank! These jokes & riddles are not to offend anyone or everyone. Most of these awesome jokes are clean and good for adults and for kids. Laughter guaranteed from 40000 random jokes and riddles.

Review comments:
It would be amazing to know that few of these funniest jokes are real facts in fact. I felt great reviewing this app over and over. Extremely addictive fun house for funniest and weirdest of top new free jokes, after all in very small space on phone!! :)

What are you waiting for? Install and enjoy 40,000+ of jokes in your phone FREE!! You will not want any other jokes app, once this is installed, as it has jokes collected from all parts of the world.