Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cleopatra and me

Hardly could I control my laughter today when I switched on my PC at 8.00AM to see some news website which read: ‘Cleopatra died of drug-filled cocktail and not of snake-bite’. Was thinking how easy it is to attract the general public with so-discovered news, of hundred thousand years back. If thought on, it is quite impractical for a layman, who have tensions of office, household and family, to be bothered of such news which happened hundreds of years ago. But I decided to go ahead and know more on Cleopatra.

I was in awe to know that it was her own two brothers whom she married. But her unions with her brothers produced no children. She aligned later with Mark Antony and bore twins. Few of the many stories on cause of Cleopatra's death floating on net are: that she applied a toxic ointment, that she was bitten by a venomous snake, that it was from bite of 2 vipers, that Augustus (Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian) might have had possibly killed her, that the queen had actually been poisoned, that she died due to opium-overdose, even that she succumbed to an Egyptian custom similar to 'Sati' of killing herself after her husband Antony committed suicide. Historic references also state that Cleopatra chose to get bitten by the venomous reptile to have a quiet and pain-free death as the venom of asp she chose could paralyze the parts of her body, thereby causing a slow and unpainful death. The truth behind all this will always remain a mystery to mankind, unless we manage to invent a time-machine, to audit on the cause of death.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

All in a day's work

A typical week day today. As usual since few months now Dad woke me up at 5.45 AM today, with d huge glass of milk, which these days haunt me even in my dreams. Drank it while half asleep and gave back the glass to him feeling inside - How chweet of u daddy! Went back to sleep and as the alarm rang at 7AM, heard his voice again to get ready for office as my office shuttle is expected in sometime to pick me for office. With great difficulty manage to finish the last morsel of breakfast and ran to the car, while my sister reminded me to get her CD of iTunes atleast today. I waved my hand in guise of agreement. Caught the shuttle and on the way was listening to songs of telugu movie - Kotha Bangaru Lokam, in a repeat play mode while travelling to office. Was searching for these tracks since months and thanks to my new teammate Sri for sharing them. Reached office and customized the look of this blog from a glossy violet background to the present simple one. Had some fun games post lunch. Dreamt of a few of my friends and the lovely time spent with them while working. Now thinking where shud I be doing my distant MBA. Decided to think on it later and now do some serious work.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Directing the self

It is really astounding to see how obstacles move out of the path of a man who choses to surpass than to remain transfixed. No mankind can take right decision always. Everyone commits mistakes at some point of their journey. Once we believe in our ability to achieve something, we find a way. The consequence of one's choice of a way is not in his control. But if you cannot stand being laughed at, your potentials remain locked up. Take a daring plunge to give up what you are to become what you can be, respecting the intelligence of your near and dear ones. But never fall prey to traditions. Let go off the long heard thoughts, " This is the way we have always taken. So this is the way that has to be taken".

Throw yourself into risks: if you win, you bask in joy; if you lose, you become wise on your next step. Here I am risking to pen down my thoughts at the moment onto my second blog. Good Luck!

My First Blog

Let my first blog float with my most favourite lines of life...

Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hain jo makaam
Wo phir nahi aate, Wo phir nahi aate.