Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Directing the self

It is really astounding to see how obstacles move out of the path of a man who choses to surpass than to remain transfixed. No mankind can take right decision always. Everyone commits mistakes at some point of their journey. Once we believe in our ability to achieve something, we find a way. The consequence of one's choice of a way is not in his control. But if you cannot stand being laughed at, your potentials remain locked up. Take a daring plunge to give up what you are to become what you can be, respecting the intelligence of your near and dear ones. But never fall prey to traditions. Let go off the long heard thoughts, " This is the way we have always taken. So this is the way that has to be taken".

Throw yourself into risks: if you win, you bask in joy; if you lose, you become wise on your next step. Here I am risking to pen down my thoughts at the moment onto my second blog. Good Luck!

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