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99 Names of Allah: AsmaUlHusna

The 99 names of Allah are called 'Asma Ul Husna' (Pronounce Asma Al Husna) which in Arabic means ‘The Most Beautiful Names’. These islamic names are attributes of Allah SWT by which Muslims regard God in Islam.

In Arabic, the word Allah means ‘The God’. It is derived from the union of the word ‘Al’ meaning ‘The’ and ‘Ilah’ Meaning ‘God’. The word Allah is the supreme and all comprehensive divine name. In Islam, the name Allah is unique and unmatched and indicates the existence of one creator of the universe. Muslims can use the names of Allah for themselves prefixing them with the word ‘Abd’ which means ‘Servant of’.

Prophet Muhammad’s life, traditions and his Islam lectures (Sunnah of prophet Muhammad) are of great significance & Muslims follow his traditions all over the world. In the Hadith (Islamic books), Prophet Muhammad quotes that there are 99 names of Allah, and that anyone who memorizes the list of names will be awarded paradise.

In this app, 99 names of Allah are provided in English and Arabic along with the meanings and benefits of reciting, for every name of Allah in Quran (Islamic Holy Book). Install this android app today to get Asma ul husna, the beautiful names and attributes of Almighty Allah in English and Arabic along with the meanings of the names and reference from the Holy Quraan (Koran). Recite or memorize the 99 names of Allah any time any where from your phone. Benefits of reciting these names are also mentioned in app.

* Features of AsmaUl Husna (99 names of Allah) names and meanings qa app:

- 99 Allah Names(Asma Ul Husna) in English.
- 99 Allah Names(Asma Ul Husna) in Urdu/Arabic.
- For each names of God, a short English translation of Quran-meaning is provided. Detailed meaning of names provided as well within app.
- Benefits of reciting each of these names is also mentioned in the app.
- Asmaul Husna with synchronized audio for most names.
- Completely Offline Islamic God names and meaning App! No internet connection required to use this Islamic app after its first download.
- FREE app. No cost or purchases required. Just download for FREE today, for use during Islamic prayer times - Adhan / Salaah.

We have tried our best to provide the most accurate information within the smallest possible size for android phones. This pro app is completely Offline and FREE!! We are dedicating this to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand & learn about Islam, in hope to spread the knowledge of Islam. These names shall be taught in Muslim houses to every Islamic kids along with duas and prayer guide sayings, for blessings from Allahu Akbar.

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Idioms and Phrases Dictionary

Largest archive of thousands of idioms, phrases, sayings, expressions and their meanings. FREE!!! Learn and practice a lot of great phrases for your upcoming conversations, from this app.

An idiom is a phrase where the words, when used together, have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. The group of words in an idiomatic expression do not mean what they appear to mean. This at times can make idioms hard for students and learners to understand. This app lists the English idioms and Phrases, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and sayings, in alphabetical order by theme, with their meaning and an example. It has clear and crisp explanations and illustrations, perfectly suitable for homework as well as general spoken English learning & usage.

From time unknown, Idioms and Phrases are widely used in News papers and public media, to present the points crisply. They drive the ideas of the author in a better way and with few words. Use this FREE English phrasal dictionary app and you may find meanings that even native speakers may not know. Best app for business phrases and for framing sentences & statements for official presentations & business emails.

Example:- Cross my mind -> (Meaning: To remember).

Verbal ability questions on Idioms and Phrasal verbs form a major section today for various interviews, competitive examinations and entrance exams. Idioms & phrasal verbs, in phrases and sayings are the ultimate challenge for a language learner and so requires special attention and explanation. Improve your vocabulary, phrases and sayings as this app not only defines each idiom, but provides an example of how the phrase is actually used. This grammar aid app is an essential writing tool at home, in the office, at school and for college. Ever wondered how to learn English grammar and influence people? Your search ends here. This is the best app for learning English grammar.

As this app is compiled by language experts, quickly improve your English language skills and master English grammar using this android application. Great for learning American English as the phrases teaches you how to speak like a native American. This app helps you speak english like an American. It helps you to improve your English speaking skills naturally and easily. Learn some great phrases & vocabulary and improve your fluency of using these phrases. Learn at your own speed and comfort. Improve your english knowledge today, FREE! These phrases can also be conversation starters.

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Phobias List & Meanings FREE!!

Completely Offline and Free app!! It has ultimate collection of Phobias along with their names and meanings.

Phobias are not diseases. Instead, they are hindrances to peaceful mental state & well being. Common symptoms of any phobias include hatred or dislike for a particular object. This encyclopedia of phobia list gives the names and the objects-of-fear of a number of phobias. The list has terms ending in 'phobia', and includes the medical names of fear.

This phobia dictionary helps you to locate what is the exact medical terminology for your fears, and thus consult a doctor to take timely medications / treatments. Stop being afraid of things & take medical help at the earliest for your phobias. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and significant interference in social or occupational activities.

★ Some of the common phobias are ★ :-

Fear of the darkness : Scotophobia or Achluophobia.
Fear of speaking in public : Glossophobia.
Fear of sex: Genophobia.
Fear of school: Scolionophobia.
Fear of dogs: Cynophonia.
Fear of flying: Pteromerhanophobia.
Fear of color black: Melanophobia.
Fear of the dark: Nyctophobia.

- Offline android app. (No internet / wifi connection is required to use this app, apart from the first download.
- Simple, neat & clean UI.
- This app shows the list of phobias in a to z alphabetical order to quickly search or browse for a phobia.
- Multi-search option: Keyword Search enabled for phobia_list (By names tab) & for the list having the object of fear (By meanings/symptoms tab).
- Needs only very small space on the phone.
- Ultimate collection but totally FREE!!
You can even use this medical terminologies app positively to play quiz-o-phobia games(memory psychology test games) with friends. Learn a new phobia term everyday!

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- Good conversation starter. Makes for fun guessing games at morning Psych rounds!

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Hindi Sher O Shayari: Love/Sad

Ultimate New & FREE Offline Android app for all types of shayaris & ghazals!! ♥♥♥ Dil Ki Baat, Sher aur Shayari Ke Saath...♥♥♥ (Meaning: Thoughts of the heart, conveyed via Shers and Shayaris.)
There are many languages to express yourself and to display your feelings, but the effective best and most powerful way is through the world of sher-o-shayaris. Sher-O-Shayari is a unique poetic way to express yourself and your feelings.
Sher-O-Shayri gives us words to express our feelings and increases inner strength too. This app is the right place for sher-o-shayris on every beautiful categories like pyar, break up dard, sad, romance / romantic love, dosti, tareef, nafrat, hindi, sms, funny jokes, patriotic, motivational, bewafai, nature, occasion based, zindagi etc.
The most loved sher o shayaris and ghazals were in languages like Urdu, Hindi, Gujarathi or Punjabi. These days love shayaris have gained popularity even in English language. Prior people used sher-o-shayaris mainly to express love. These days sher o shyaris are used to convey romantic shers, ghazals, sweet messages, cute pink love poems & funny jokes also. S, even the good morning and good night sms text messages for friend, husband, wife, girlfriend, him, her, boyfriend or love life can beautifully be send by pinky Sher-O-Shayaris.
Romantic love shayari poems have the power to take one towards his/her lover and loved ones. Sad / broken heart shayari can express your beautiful thoughts & feelings for someone very special when he/she is most remembered, via mobile sms messages. Shyari poems are somewhere connected to our heart and our deep pink romantic emotions. When we think on to express our sad aur sweet emotions, love & affection and care, of course we think about sher o shyaris. Fill your emotions into it and dedicate it to your love whole heartedly.

Sher-O-Shayri Categories:

* Birthday Shayaris
* Bollywood Shayaris
* Pain / Dard O Shayari
* Shayari on Diwali
* Dosti aur Shayris
* Shayri about Friendship
* Funny Shayaris
* Greetings Shayari
* Gujarati Shayari (in Gujarati)
* Hindi Ghazals/ gazals
* Hindi Poems
* Hindi Shayari (in Hindi)
* Hindi SMS
* Love Shayari
* Marathi Shayari (in Marathi)
* About Miscellaneous
* Patriotic Shayris
* Punjabi Shayri (in Punjabi)
* Romantic Shayari
* Sad / Udas Shayari
* Sharabi Shayaris
* Sher aur Shayris
* SMS Sher-O-Shayaris
* Urdu Shayari (in Urdu)
* Bewafa / Betrayal (by lover)

Shayari (shayri as in Hindi) can say anything and everything in a beautiful way of its own. Expression of love is originally tough for all of us but love shayari makes it so simple. Love shayari in real, is a very beautiful way to share the beauty of thought & love. Not only the expression of romantic love, but also of pain of a broken heart can be beautifully lyricized in to words with shayari. Available to send as message to mobile, with this FREE pink app.

Remake of love shayaris as hindi movie songs is common these days in hindi films. Many latest hindisongs are love shayris. These are often released in tv & live radio. It is best to be heard in live tv radio station. Many prefer them as ringtones. We have designed this in pink and red with black text color, as pink and red are the colour of emotions.
This new 140 sher-o-shayri songs app is all about cute songs, sweet and sad emotions of heart like lovely romance (pyar) songs, ishq songs(love), beauty songs, praise songs, bewafa songs (betrayal), breakup udasi or dard (pain)songs. Enjoy the lovely new words of hindi sher-o-shayris!! Free!!

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My Baby Names & Meanings FREE!

♥ My Baby Names & Meanings FREE!! ♥ FREE New Offline app dictionary of names & meaning of your names. Best app to choose your unique perfect babynames, in many languages.

From the first step of baby planning / baby adoption, baby development, baby bumps stages, to week by week pregnancy progress; every parents would be concerned of choosing a unique cute baby name. My Baby Names & Meanings app, is a name finder for newborns with world-wide baby names. This android app for baby names is here to help every parents to be, godfathers or anyone with parental care & authority, to find just the right name for new born babies.

Need names that starts with alphabet A or with letter Z? Find good meaningful baby names in many languages, in this name generator. Mark a list of wonderful perfect names for your baby as favorites. Ask your family friends to choose the best baby name among that list of babynames. Search for custom surnames, nicknames, famous celebrity first names and meanings from various cities. My Baby Names & Meanings app is the perfect & best baby names creator center for parents - mom & daddy. This app is also to know what is the meaning of your name.

  My Baby Names & Meanings FREE! -> Apps' Features:

♥ Find baby names Offline. (No Internet connection needed to choose baby names.)
♥ Baby names sorted by nationality (Arabic, African, English language baby names, etc.)
♥ Choose best babynames in 70+ Origins.(American, British, Christian Bible, Australian, Italian, Indian, Jewish, Hebrew, Greek, English, German, French, Flowers, African, Arabic, Indian, Hindu God, Muslim, Sanskrit languages, etc.)
♥ Best reading with fast scroll button for a great experience, in scrolling the name selector list.
♥ Names displayed with gender pictures: (blue ♂ masculine) baby boy, (pink ♀ feminine) baby girl, and unisex names for any newborn baby.
♥ Add potential choices as favorites, to have a quick view of them, by clicking the star_me icon.
♥ Powerful search_tracker option for searching list of names with starting alphabet character ( A-Z ), from origins like Godly Islamic, Christian Tamil, Muslim, Indian, etc.
♥ Best to select from adjacent names if the baby predictor info shows sign of twins, for loved similar sounding.
♥ No need for the tiresome job of name search at baby zone, booth, center & journals, when a baby is on the way. Explorer for new names today on phone, esp just by sitting at home.

Dictionary encyclopedia of largest & carefully selected collection of over 5000 unique, unusual, cool & most popular baby names. Don’t go gaga here after in naming babies! Find a special name for your new baby girl or boy when the countdown for delivery begins. Search the most popular USA names or the most popular International names from over ten different countries like Australia, France, England, Mexico, Ireland, Spain and Sweden. New category list added - Indian baby names with their meanings. Use this FREE dictionary encyclopedia app today, for most popular Indian baby names with their meanings also.

Enjoy choosing meaningful names for your kid, just as you would enjoy him / her smile. Get this most popular of free apps today and give your angel unique, unusual or cool pink ♀ girly / blue ♂ boyish names; also esp for unisex names.

Wish you all the best for choosing very good names for your children. Just use this FREE android mobile application for tracking out meaning of names, of your friends & family, and for naming your new born babies. Our apps on pregnancy care, childbirth, infant growth, children, parenting, etc, are on the way.

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