Monday, November 19, 2012

5,000+ Awesome & Funny Facts

5,000+ Awesome & Funny Facts - FREE!!

Ultimate collection of the most Awesome, Funny, Weird & Coolest Facts known to mankind.

Contains over 5000+ manually verified true facts to kill your boredom.
Available are the most amazingly interesting, awesome, funny, amusing, dumb and crazy facts. Best app in the android market to substitute useless time pass which has the biggest collection of weird but interesting true facts.

This fact app guarantees to amuse you with below category of amusing facts:

* Awesome Facts :
- People Facts
- Entertainment Facts
- Business Facts
- Health for Life & Human Body Facts

* Funny Facts :
- Records Facts
- Surveys and Statistics Facts
- Household Products Facts

* Weird Facts :
- Arts and Literature Facts
- Animals, Birds & Insects/Creatures Facts
- Plants Forest and Nature Facts

* Cool Facts :
- Science and Technology Facts
- Places Sites Facts
- Miscellaneous Facts
- Sports Facts

* Rare Facts :
- Geography Facts
- Planets Space & Universe Facts
- Crime Facts
- Languages Facts

* Interesting Facts :
- Medical & Nutrition Facts
- Legal Law Facts Facts
- Food and Drink Facts
- History Facts
- Religion Facts

**Cool Features of this free facts app**

- Quick Search through the fact and categories.
- Easy and smooth swipe gesture based navigation.
- Random Fact Button.
- No Ads and no permissions required.
- Soothing cool colors and layout.

***Extremely Awesome, Interesting and Informative***
Have fun while improving your GK using this rare app!!!

What are you waiting for? Install and start reading these best rare & true funny facts known to mankind. FREE!!

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