Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Final Solution : Silence!

I was in a good frame of mind while leaving office today and hence while travelling back home, decided to post a blog. Also to mention is an excited blogging competition happening hushed, with a friend of mine. Reached home by 5:30 PM. A little later did arrive my sweet (grr...I meant the other way) sister. As she entered home did she declare that none will be allowed to enter my room (shared with her) till she completes her month long MS semester exams..phew!

I lost all my mood for the day as all my belongings; underline all, were in this room of ours and even the cable to connect the net to my lappy was wired in through the window of this room. Little did she pity on me when I checked if at least ‘I’ can enter the room and stay silently in a corner without a disturbance to her. At this I asked my dad to help me move the several meters long cable wire from our room to my parent’s room (where I am not entry restricted). My dad was already a bit suspicious; I would rather say uncomfortable, with this newly acquired online presence of mine. To add, I sounded a bit desperate while checking for help. Soon came the prompt reply that he is busy currently watching this program on TV and that I need to wait till tomorrow for him to help me do the move. Poor me :(

It seemed to me that he was expecting my protest. I maintained silence and sat along with mom and dad to watch the TV program which I generally don’t prefer watching. It was hardly 5 minutes on clock that my dad's eye of empathy opened wide. He was suddenly like, 'Dear, come let me help you switch the cable'. You can’t imagine how glad I was on this pity of him. Voila! I was connected online in next few minutes.

So true: Silence pays, though not always...:D


  1. "newly acquired online presence" :D

  2. so where is ur post which u was about to write ? ? ? ? :) :) :)