Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you know Tamil?

It was funny while travelling to office in the morning today by shuttle. As always I took the last seat and immediate left to me were seated two girls, seemingly freshers. There was no charge left in my mobile and i somehow forgot to take the ipod today. I was thus left with no means of listening to music and hence for a change decided to stay awake and watch the passersby while travelling. And this conversation in tamil, of the two girls left to me suddenly caught my attention. One of them was like: "Hey see her shoes di...I just love it..can we ask her where she got it". The other went like : "See her hair di..we'll better ask the shampoo". I
acted as if I didn't overhear them but was laughing within. The first girl again went like: " I hope she doesn't understand tamil", to which the second added: " No ways di...she doesn't look a tamilian and is not even looking at us". They started giggling which broke my prior-controlled laughter. I turned to look at the girls and their face had that typical embarrassed expression which made me feel sorry for having made them realize I know the language Tamil. But this led to further chat between us and now I have two new friends/shuttle-mates. Yippee!!!

It always happens that people surrounding me, who are new to me, often chat within groups in their native language, thinking I do not understand what they speak. But alas! poor they. They always regret for such funny talks later when they get to know me in person. I love travelling by bus [I rarely get a chance] and never think twice if someone asks me if we can travel by bus, for this specific reason. It is lovely to see a number of people chat in different languages and to enjoy the feel of understanding all of them, secretly. Hushhhhhhhhh.........