Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Favourite Movie

I love both to envision and to picturise in mind, the moments of my life. My life is my most favorite movie and I find it the most interesting to capture the fleeting moments of my life. However all the so bashed moments of life are not always necessarily sweet, thanks to those rude ones who have 'villain'ed me in their movie of life. But I do not break down as I know that being rude and cruel to me is the limitation of other people. As the saying goes - we shouldn't die of other person's cancer. Let them be rude to us. Between the hated and hater, it is always the hater who suffers more. If they don’t know how to behave, that is their inadequacy. I never take it too personal. The need of the hour is a bit of maturity - those with '>' maturity suffer '<' as compared those with '<' maturity.

Any issue if taken to heart is sure to hurt. A piece of chalk held too close to our eye will cover the entire sky. Holding it at a distance will just make it an insignificant piece of chalk, which it is in real in fact. My English lecturer in college says: 'We can please some people all the time. We can also please all people sometimes. But we cannot please all the people all the time.' Learn to leave petty things petty and life will be pretty. Instead if we see petty things pretty, life will seem petty. Do not worry for these moments of life; just do not bother to capture them onto your movie. All those uncaptured moments would be frisked away by the hands of the clock, long forgotten and lost forever.

Just continue to celebrate your movie of life. The story ahead is beautiful. You have to believe so, and I bet yours will be the most interesting movie ever lived.