Monday, October 17, 2011

The Gift called LOVE

Recognizing the heart behind a material makes it a gift. Gift is not just a substance but a point of view to look out at the heart behind the presenter. The gift becomes just a matter when it isn’t presented with a good intent. Love is the most precious of all the gifts in this world. You can never do enough for somebody you love. Craving of love doesn’t cease by receiving love but ceases only by giving love. Without the faith that intentions of my loved one will be right, love will not survive. People need not always be right. They can be wrong too. But there has to be this faith that the wrong may be in the action and not in the intention. Never let the justifications of the world become your justification. Live your character at any cost, at all costs. Anger in response to anger is more anger. Likewise love in response to love is more love and it eventually is the pathway to heaven. Whatever state your life is at present, take a moment to love it because tomorrow it will only be a memory. I am grateful to God for a gifted childhood with lots of lovely people to love me to the core, and I am sure He will continue gifting me with the best of love I deserve.

Love the love!